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    Anthony225 Aug 03, 2016
    During the Ross Move practice videos you take the club back with the right arm straight. During other partial and full swing videos your elbow bends. In both cases you bring the elbows down back in front. My question is how does the Ross Move drill help with the full swing since the right arm comes from a bent position and maintains some bend up to impact? Does practicing with a straight right arm during the drill lead to bringing the elbows down back in front on the full swing?


    Ross Aug 03, 2016
    The Drill is primarily about, getting the arms/club back down in front of the body (using the body’s rotation to move the arms/club).

    Now, the job of the elbows, are to keep the radius the same length if possible for more consistent results. The back (right) elbow has to bend some on a full backswing, while the front arm is (basically straight)… and the front (left) elbow will bend (down), after impact eventually, while the back (right) arm straightens.

    I would not practice a straight right arm on the backswing, because it needs to bend at some point. You want to feel the body “WAIT” until the backswing is finished, so the body can then bring the arms/club back down. Many times if someone has problems leaving the arms/club behind it is because, the body did not wait … or the backswing is out of position or way too long due to a breakdown.

    If you start with a short “ALL SHOULDERS” backswing… you can easily wait for the shoulders to stop… then use the body and feel the arms/club come back down and around to the left. Keep it short to learn. Don’t worry about elbows. Just make sure the arms/hands are not helping on the backswing so they are “submissive”.


    Anthony225 Aug 07, 2016
    Thanks Ross. I’m thinking that I was taking the club back to fat behind me making it difficult to keep the arms in front. So my arms had to play catchup leading to my body turn slowing down to wait for them. I will go back to short swings to work on ta king the club back with the arms in front.


    Ross Aug 07, 2016
    As you practice this way, if you’re connected on a very short shot… keep slowly lengthening the shot until you disconnect, or feel the arms are behind. You’ll become more aware of where you need to be on the backswing. Shorter is always better to get re-connected.


    horstie Sep 27, 2017
    do you consider the ” Ross Move” drill the most important one?


    Ross Sep 27, 2017
    No. It is for a specific problem(s). The Finish Drill, Stop Rotate Drill, Large Muscles Drill are all very important focusing on using the Large Muscles. They also help teach you how to keep your hands and arms in control so they don’t take over.

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