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    Anthony225 May 30, 2020
    On thing I still go back and forth on is the path that the arms take on the downswing. In the Ross Move practice Video there are what appears to be two different swings. Early in the video it looks like a pull downwards of the elbows in the direction of the hips. In the practice demonstration later in the video it looks more like a right to left path vs a pull down with the elbows.

    1. Does the rotation of the body pull the arms down more in a vertical path which results in a “snap” through the ball?

    2. Or is the swing more horizontal where the arms move down to the ball due to centripetal force?

    3. When you say “have a sense that the arms are pulled back in front by the body rotation”, how much do the arms actually pull down to make that work.

    Most of the questions are because my driver swing is really giving me a tough time right now.


    Ross May 30, 2020
    The arms do not actually pull themselves down… they are “pulled” down, when they are relaxed at the top of the swing and the body unwinding, swings them back down. They’ll travel on a path that relaxed arms take when being moved. This should take them back to impact, if they don’t disrupt the path trying to help, on either the backswing or the downswing.


    Anthony225 May 31, 2020
    Thanks Ross. Good day at the range today making good contact. This helps clear up my thoughts on this. I have been working on not lifting in the backswing and this has made a huge difference in my swing. it felt really weird and like I would have no power but the ball just goes. Letting my arms relax at the top of the backswing and use my body to whip it through…..I can finally feel the connection in my swing. I will see how it translates to the course next chance I get.


    Ross May 31, 2020
    That’s great Anthony! It might take some time to become part of your swing, so if you don’t quite take-it-to-the-course be patient. It also helps to focus on the Large Muscles (in this case Shoulders) to move your arms/club on the backswing. And when the shoulders finish going as far as they can go… start the downswing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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