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    DaveF Jan 09, 2017
    HI ROSS,
    I’m used to setting up in the full swing ala the gap drill (and playing that way). Today I had a wedge in my hand and did some “putting” and it felt much smoother and natural than putter addressed next to the ball. I’d also have seen a lesson advising setting up by gripping the putter left hand low, even if you putt right hand low so that the shoulders are set LEVEL (seemed odd at the time). You mentioned to me “the gap drill for putting” so thought I’d try it and really resonates for me. Mainly because I having issues moving just my shoulders on the follow through and so making some sort of compensation. Am I thinking correctly in terms of “level” being the arms hanging but the clubhead behind the ball at address like the full swing?


    Ross Jan 09, 2017
    Yes. All you’re really doing is aligning the shaft of the putter with the front arm vs. a bent in front wrist. This is just something to try and experiment with. The ball must be forward, like just inside the front foot so you’ll hit on the upswing. Not sure how this will work for left hand low. Key is no flip… shoulder(s) only


    DaveF Jan 09, 2017
    Thanks Ross. I’ve been placing the ball over my left eye vs. bridge of the nose, probably needs to be even more left?


    Ross Jan 10, 2017
    Not sure. Everyone is a little different and depends on the width of the stance when/where impact will be. You want it to feel solid and just past the bottom of the arc on the up swing for end-over-end roll. The worst is to hit down on the putt (ball hops). At the bottom, the ball slides before rolling. Again, I think slightly on the up swing for perfect roll*.

    * This also assumes your shoulders are parallel to your intended path, and the putter is 90° to that path. Dave Pelz had an easy way to see if your shoulders are aligned, but letting your arms hang and pointing your thumbs towards each other, then rocking your shoulders. This will show your your shoulder path… and it better be parallel to the target line.


    DaveF Jan 11, 2017
    Thanks Ross. This really helps. My putting has been better than ever using your technique, but always room for improvement. The better I get, the more I want to practice of course.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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