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    Anthony225 Jan 04, 2017
    When I perform the on finger putting drill I can keep the putter online straight back and through. I feel that I push down and pull up with the front shoulder. When I add my full left hand my backswing tends to go to the outside and I hit the ball closer to the toe of the putter on the downswing. Even if I happen to take the putter back straight with both hands on the putter I still hit off the toe. My putter tends to also rotate closed some just after impact. I tried a light front hand grip and I get the same results. Strange thing is that I’m not off target when I putt but I’m missing the sweet spot. What could be causing the issue?


    Ross Jan 05, 2017
    I guessing adding your left hand is changing the shaft some, and changing the overall grip pressure. The arms must hang and the wrists should not be tightening and changing the shaft angle. I like to feel the back wrist “bent in” and holding the shape, then I add the front hand to just complete the circle. If the grip pressure is too tight, the shoulder(s) can’t do their job. The shoulders must be able to move freely.

    You don’t want to sacrifice missing the sweet spot, even if it goes straight. You must hit the sweet spot every time for distance control.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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