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    Ross Apr 08, 2015
    I was having an online Skype lesson with one of my students yesterday and he said, “Ross, I’m hitting the ball a lot better, but it feels so stiff”. My reply was… “It’s resistance” we’re creating.” That really hit home with him and made me feel the need to mention this.

    We resist sliding on the backswing-
    We keep 60% weight forward-
    We sit down athletically vs. bend over-
    We keep our elbows close pointing back at hips-
    We keep the wrist setup to the top and through impact-

    These are a few “things we do” because, each one adds to more consistent ball striking! Here’s why:

    – A pendulumn would not return consistently if the “pivot point” (where it’s “fixed”or “attached”) was moving. We don’t get the luxury of moving off the ball with golf. We have to control ourselves.

    – Keeping our weight forward helps keep us in place, and resists, so the shoulders can create more coil (vs. slide and lift). Also allows us to just unwind the body athletically with less variables on the downswing.

    – Sitting down athletically, “centers” us and prepares the legs/balance for the swing. If you setup centered/balanced, you can easily swing and stay in balance. If you bend over, the body does not like being out-of-balance and will try to “right” itself during the swing. You’ll always fight raising up, or the arms/club drifting back closer to the body during the swing (not consistent).

    – The elbows are so critical and so overlooked in the golf swing. They need to maintain our “radius” and they directly effect the club face if they break down, bend* the wrong way.

    – If you actively learn to maintain the correct wrist position through impact, you’ll hit solid shots. If your grip/wrists are lose, you’ll flip, and the club face will constantly point all over the place. You must learn to control the club face and the wrists can do this … so, the Large Muscles can take over for an awesome repeatable golf swing!

    *The back elbow does bend a little on the backswing, and the front elbows does bend on the downswing. You never want both elbows bent or far apart from each other until the swing is finished.

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