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    pjscrs Aug 06, 2016
    Hi Ross,

    I came across your site and thought I’d try a few of your concepts. I’m a 12.5 HC. play decent but want to go to the next level. I went to the range and worked on the elbows towards the hips move and the strait arm and club setup. I already keep my hands close to my body so this was a natural progression.

    My first nine holes I hit all my drives in the fairway and hit a couple longer than I have ever before. I hit 7 GIR, and scored a 38! Normally I’m in the 42 range. Needless to say I am thrilled.

    A couple things I noticed:

    1) The ball will not go right. The elbows close allow the hands to turn over and prevent the fades and pushes. The right side of the course was completely out of play.

    2) The ball likes to fly strait or pull to the left. I also get a draw ball flight. I assume this is because of too much hands and not enough body. I also went with a more neutral left hand grip to keep it straighter.

    3) I’m having trouble understanding the pinch you are referring too with the elbows Is this the shoulders pinching in against the pecs (shoulders pushing forward) or just the elbows pinching towards each other. The pinch is easier on the back swing then thru swing.

    4) My finish is awkward. All this pinching does not allow my arms to free up to end in the classic finish position. My right knee is touching my left but my body just does not wrap around my left hip. This may be related to limited internal hip flexibility.

    Thanks for your help. Let’s hope this change sticks. All to often changes for me have half lives, and old habits keep creeping back.

    Paul Sacchetti


    Ross Aug 06, 2016
    The elbows pinch towards each other (not the pecs). The arms are on top of the pecs.

    You found a couple pieces of my method that have helped. Your other questions are related to you not knowing the complete method. Please check out more at https://duplessisgolf.com

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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