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    Ross Apr 10, 2016
    I grabbed a few shots of some golfers at the Masters to show their position just after impact. Most videos I receive from my students who are learning, will have the shaft in line with the “back” arm by impact. This is incorrect. It means the back hand threw the club head hitting at the ball. Look at these Pros to see how they look “after impact”. The shaft is STILL in line with the front arm. This is essential for a solid, straight golf shot. The great thing about this method is…

    ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS KEEP ROTATING, THROUGH IMPACT, TO ACHIEVE THIS LOOK! If you stop rotating, you’ll have to flip. Just keep turning and keep your hands quiet.


    larry Apr 10, 2016
    Said another way, the hands must pass the ball before the club head? Even if its by a very small amount.
    Isn’t that why game improvement clubs have more offset than blades, to help the less skilled player get their hands through before the club head catches up?
    Great Masters tournament this year!


    Ross Apr 11, 2016
    In theory. There are always “trade-offs”. If a golfer has no intention of working or changing their golf swing and using game improvement clubs help, … then use them.

    The main reason for the post is not about equipment, and not about the hands leading the club head, but about how using the “body’s rotation” will help maintain the correct position of the shaft through and past impact. It is more difficult to “flip” through impact when the body’s rotation is dominating the arms/club. Many times, if a golfer is struggling with contact and direction, just improving and completing the body rotation (correctly), improves their swing.


    Dan Apr 11, 2016
    Ross, this is a good reminder and very timely. After Jordan Spieth’s final round he commented that he did not rotate through on his third shot at the 12th hole. Rotating all away through is important even for the pros.


    Ross Apr 11, 2016
    Thanks Dan. When Jordan is bit farther away, he always rotates… one of the reasons he is as good as he is… but, when he gets closer, he tries to use only the shoulders and hands, thinking it has better control. This is not the case, because the shoulders are very limited on their own and will cause the flip and usually more backspin. They can only go so far forward (without some body rotation), This is why I don’t really advocate “chipping” because “pitching” is more natural and more reliable, even very close to the green. It is also easier to get the ball to roll forward with a pitch shot. Jordan also struggled 3 times on Saturday with short pitch shots where he didn’t rotate.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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