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    Ross Oct 26, 2020
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    Hi Ross
    As per your green side clip , no mention about hit sand behind ball. Should I intend to hit ball and let set up cause hitting Behind by itself?

    In the sand every lie is different. All sand traps (bunkers) are different. Different courses have totally different kinds of sand. Some soft and fine, others very little sand or firm or wet sand… and of course those that are almost dirt. So, where you enter (or not) the sand depends a lot on the lie. Sitting on top or buried. There is no set distance to enter the sand. It also depends on which club you’re using and how you’re using it… opened or closed club face. All these differences could be considered depending on the golfers skill level. The best way to learn, is take a bucket of balls in to a bunker and simulate different shots and practice to learn what it takes to get out, and also how the ball reacts once it lands on the green. In general, in a bunker with average sand, using a SW, you might enter the sand 1-2” behind the ball and use the sand to lift the ball out vs. hitting the ball first. It depends on the lie, where you want the ball to land and how the ball will react once it lands. FYI…in most cases you would hit ball first from a fairway bunker for more control.


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