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    JeffB7020 Aug 06, 2016
    My new problem is I hit it too far. I hit the driver so far that I seldom have more than a pw into the greens. Now i look with Fright at a 100 yard shot because I fear blowing it over the green. Here is how my Irons break down.

    SW. 115 or Less used to be 105
    PW. 130 used to be 115
    9I 140 used to be 125
    8I 150 used to be 140
    7I 165 used to be 150
    6I 170 used to be 160

    Example: on hole 10 today and Thursday. I hit my Drive 315 and had 95 into the center of the green. Both Days I blow it 10 to 15 yards over the green and take bogey, Thursday I took a Double.

    I am really having trouble with that under 100 yard Distance. Any drills for that?


    Ross Aug 07, 2016
    The best way to learn distances is to practice hitting to specific yardages. Take a practice swing and tell yourself “I need 50 yds.”… “Here’s my 50 yd. swing”… then step up to the ball and “repeat” that swing on the ball and see what you get. Always take a practice swing telling yourself what you want to do… then do it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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