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    robert Sep 20, 2017
    Ross – I’m having some success with the method, so thanks. It takes practice. Just a clarification with the unwinding hip rotation to the target please.

    I find that the hips move quicker at the start of the unwinding until when I get to a position to ‘trap’ the ball in the downswing I find that my hips maybe slow down somewhat and after the strike they rotate quicker again to the finish position. Does this make any sense? If I rotate the hips quickly at the same speed from the start of the unwinding to the final finish position I seem to get out of ‘synch’. Any thoughts? thanks Robert


    Ross Sep 21, 2017
    If you’re thinking hips to start and unwind, they unwind at a continuous (does not slow down and speed up) pace. It is actually best for them to speed up or accelerate slightly to the finish.

    If you feel the need to slow down or stop the hips midway to let the arms/club catch up, you should watch (review) the Ross Move. It also may be that you did not wind up correctly. The shoulders must start winding around the spine first. It is like the shoulders get a “head start” at first, as you coil from top-down on the backswing. This will have you would up correctly so when you unwind, the hips can bring the arms back down. We’ve talked quit a bit on this here at the forums if you search. Short pitch shots are a great way to learn this.


    robert Sep 21, 2017
    Hi Ross – please ignore a second topic request I sent you.

    Back to the drawing board for me and thanks for your reply.

    I read these words of yours in an answer – “If you look at my photo (left), my hips/body are turning, but my body is turning at a pace that brought the arms back in front, as I keep turning.”

    When I read the words “at a pace” – I assumed that I can’t just unwind like a rubber band and think of nothing else. I have to unwind to get the left elbow in front of the left hip. I guess you are saying this can’t be ‘controlled’ but is a reaction to a correct windup and unwinding. Correct?? thanks Ross


    Ross Sep 22, 2017
    Unwinding the golf swing will happen at different paces depending on the shot. If you take a very short backswing, then using the body to unwind (like throwing a ball), your rotation and arms and club should all finish together (or) your body will unwind at a pace that everything finishes together (at the same time). You should feel your body’s unwinding rotation bring the arm/club back in front of you and around to the left so everything finishes together. Watch (and practice) The Finish Drill, The Stop Rotate Drill, and you’ll see what I’m saying. Much harder to explain in writing then just do. If you’re having problems, send me a couple videos of you doing the drills and I’ll tell you why you’re struggling.

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