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    Michae1_B Aug 11, 2014

    You mentioned that the hands and arms stay below the shoulders on the golf swing. Is the hand position the same distance from the body for each club or does it increase with club length. Can you clarify? Also, where is your weight on your feet relative to the balls of your feet and the heels. Thanks!



    Ross Aug 12, 2014
    What changes is the length of the club. If you start with your arms out in front of you, elbows close together, and let that hang, it will usually drop on top of your pecs (everyone is built different). Now as you get into an Athletic position (Chest moves a little forward as your back side sticks out (this is a counter balance that keeps you centered) like a quarter back. Then you sit down. Again, this will have your hands a bit different due to different lengths of clubs.

    The weight is square, across the feet just like you stand, (with 60% on forward foot… (weight on balls of feet, or toes, or heels, are all not good and create big balance issues that cause many problems during the swing[nono]) If you start balanced, you can swing in balance… if you start out of balance, your body will move around during the swing to find BALANCE.



    Michae1_B Aug 12, 2014

    Thank you so much for your reply. Just tried it. Feels a lot better already. Thanks again for you time in responding!



    JeffB7020 Jul 28, 2016
    I think I sit down probably more than most. However, I noticed on address as long as my left hand touches the left thigh at address I am set up correctly with every club.

    Also on the turn I find that my left shoulder has to hit my chin with all the irons or I will HOOK the heck out of the ball and my driver it goes under the chin and I consistently hit it 250 straight.

    i was making the worst looking pot hole divots until i watched the Lower body video and tried to touch the Knees on the follow through. That is a crazy good tip one I have never heard before. Wow did that fix a lot of my problems….

    thanks again Ross..


    Ross Jul 28, 2016
    Great to hear.

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