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    massimo Mar 07
    Hi Ross, at setup should it feel like the left hip (rotation axis) is stacked directly over the left foot or just inside right of left foot? I find I get stuck sometimes with my rotation through impact…


    Ross Mar 08
    I have a drill called the “Front Foot Drill”, where the front hip and much of the weight is right on top of the front (left as you say) foot. This drill helps teach the feeling of rotating around the front hip to the finish. BUT, most of the time the reason someone get stuck through impact is: They started with too much weight on the back foot… or they let their weight slide to the back foot and can’t get back. Make sure you really brace your back knee to the inside of the back foot and hold it. This will help keep more weight forward. If the back knee moves on top of the back foot or worse to the outside of your back foot, your in trouble.


    massimo Mar 08
    Hi Ross, thanks, I have seen and tried this and find that a lot of pressure is on the front knee through the rotation toward impact which seems unnatural. Is there a way of alleviating this?


    It may be because your front foot is squared off (90° to the target) restricting your rotation. Try to flare the front foot open a bit at setup to help create more freedom for rotating. It is critical for your front foot to roll to the outside of the golf shoe (DUPLESSISGOLF Members can watch: Roll your Feet in the Swing Section ). You can not rotate with the front foot flat. If you just throw a ball and see what your front foot does, it can give you an indication of how your front foot needs to be setup for your golf swing.


    massimo Mar 09
    Hi Ross, ok thanks, I’ll try flaring it a little more. Stay well

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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