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    Femgolf1 Mar 05
    Good day Ross. I watched two of your lessons videos today on short game
    1) Pitch shot from 50yds in
    2) High little shot that sits.
    Initially I didn’t know or see any difference between the two shots moves., preparation and execution until I listened to your instructions patiently and there is this emphasis ….notice the elbows get pulled down by my body ROTATION……
    This is not clear to me.
    Before now,I have my shaft inline with the left arm LOCKED WRISTS, ELBOWS pinching, left shoulder TURN and ROTATE through
    What’s this ….ELBOWS being pulled down by body ROTATION.?
    I must have been missing something that would have impacted my improvement.
    Please help me.


    Ross Mar 06
    If you think, at the top of the swing, that the arms/club are in a sense “weightless” (since the shoulders moved them to the top of the backswing), as they change direction, and gravity starts to pull them back down, the arms/club can easily be “moved” or “pulled down” essentially “milking” gravity or “using” gravity by unwinding the body. It is kind of like a child on a swing as it finishes one direction, there is a weightless sense for a second, then gravity takes over, and the swing changes direction and speeds up. Well, as this happens in the golf swing, the body’s rotation takes advantage of this and “helps” the arms/club back down and around to the left (right hander). In other words… “The body Swings the Arms/Club”. Watch the “Ross Move” to learn more. Or search the forums here for more discussions on this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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