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    EmailsToRoss Jan 01, 2018
    Original email:
    Hello Ross, I love your golf swing technique my game is much improved. I shot 81 today, but we caught this drive on video and it was leaking to the right. Please tell me what I did wrong for it was 1 of about ten shots I lost to the right. Looking forward to your critique of my swing. Thank you, John.

    ~ In the video, John had the ball for Driver, just inside his front foot. I told him to move it more forward and tee it a bit higher. Here is his reply the next day.

    Second email:
    Hello Ross, Just wanted to thank you for your instruction on how to fix my slice. I played today and had the best ball striking day I ever had. Your tip on ball position with my driver was spot on. I was crushing the ball. I even hit several hard draws or hooks. I have not hit a hook with my driver in months. Looking forward to my next round. Once again thank you. John.

    ~ Slight changes with ball position can make big differences. Don’t forget to experiment with your ball position (slightly) and your stance width (narrower is usually better for rotation and balance)

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