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    Dan May 01
    Hey Bro,
    Description: My shoulders take the club back with the club head outside the hands, keeping the wrist, hands, arms template in tact. I go back as far as I can. Now the lower body initiates the downturn bringing the elbows and template down and around as I continue turning. At this point, I’ve heard you say you feel like the club is coming across your body to the right as you continue turning or pivoting around your front hip. All the way to the finish.
    Question: In a traditional golf swing the player extends their arms out after impact. As you feel the club going across your body as you turn, your arms aren’t extended out away from the body but keep “connection” with the body, right? I mean, if you allow the arms to extend and lose connection in the finish, then you have to artificially change the direction of the club with your wrist-hands. Sorry to be so wordy.


    Ross May 02
    Hey Dan
    First: Dan, I need to tell everyone you are “left-handed”, so they understand your use of the words “to the right” is “to the left” for a (right-hander).

    Second: Yes, to your (artificially change the direction of the club), because if you swing down the line (traditional instruction) you have disconnected and manufactured that movement with the hands, because … passive arms/hands will follow the rotation of the body. I have tried to say in my lesson videos and other posts, that the butt of the club should lead the club face at impact and then move around to the left for a (right-hander). This happens because the body is rotating and the arms/club will follow the rotation. The club head will release shortly after impact (or not if held for special shots).


    Dan May 04
    Thanks Ross – it’s literally moving less. Sometimes I forget and try to make it more complicated.
    On another note – I hear the positive comment when I pitch around the green; the short lob shot; and putting. Thanks for teaching me your method an approach to the game! Even if I’m a lefty ?


    Ross May 04
    Thanks, Dan. I love left-handers. My wife is a lefty. That is why I try to refer to body parts (that we have two of) as, front or back with respect to the target … and add for a left-hander or for a right-hander after using terms like turns, moves, “Left or Right”. It can be challenging to not confuse or get confused! ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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