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    Student Question Jun 04, 2014

    On a Golf Swing Analysis, I mentioned to one of my students that he was keeping his head down too long and was restricting the downswing. The head does not just freeze and stay in one place! The head must come up and out along with the back shoulder. Now, you don’t want to come out too early (moving off the ball). You should finish with your torso vertical, facing the target. Here was my student’s comment back to me:


    I came across one comment you made about the movement of the head. I looked at some of the videos we did and also reviewed several ones on your site. I noticed that your head rotates around with the body (ala David Duval, etc..). I have found this to be a MAJOR key for me. All of a sudden I now have full rotation and I feel like my hands are no longer flipping at impact (with little head rotation). My drives and especially my irons are much straighter and there is no panic due to my head blocking the downswing rotation. Now, I think I can make a lot more progress. I was trying to rotate the body with the head staying in place and that is NOT what you do in your videos… feels so liberating now.

    Thanks, Greg


    Dan Apr 26, 2018
    Ross, Lately I’ve worked on the “head move” you execute during your swing and what you describe in this post from years ago. This has always been a challenge for me but now my balance is better and I’m turning with less restriction. Constant improvement! Thanks.


    Ross Apr 27, 2018
    Hi Dan
    Glad to hear you’re still improving. I was just thinking, you would not throw a ball to your left without letting your head turn to the left as your body unwinds. It is really just the same thing. Thanks for the nice comments.

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