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    Femgolf1 Jan 30, 2021
    I am right handed. I grip with neutral to fairly strong grip @seeing 2 to 3 knuckles of the left hand. When I intend to bow the left wrist attempting to preset impact position before the takeaway with small extension of the radial joint I dont see the knuckles anymore. Is this right? Or I should just grip neutral seeing the knuckles and continue with the takeaway and the backswing keeping the WRISTS intact in that position THROUGHOUT the swing? Please help for confidence. Grateful. I am improving and I am happy. I thank you.


    Ross Jan 30, 2021
    The old concepts of seeing knuckles is for old traditional golf instruction. It would use a setup “look of the knuckles” to pre-offset a correction factor, for how the hands were gonna throw the club head at the ball. None of this is repeatable. In a Large Muscles swing, we use our body’s rotation vs. throwing the club head for power, so there is no need for pre-corrections in our grip. We try to setup our grip with the club face square and shaft inline with the front arm, and ideally a flat to bowed out front wrist, because this is how we want to return. Hogan discovered this bowed front wrist and called it “supination”. He did not setup that way, but he would have to go through all kinds of adjustments and gyrations during the downswing, just before impact to get into the same impact position that we just setup with. FYI… the strongest, most supportive grip “look” at impact is, front wrist slightly bowed out, shaft inline with front arm, back wrist bent in helping hold the wrist in that shape. Any other look at impact and the club face can easily turn/twist and can cause off-center hits. Sorry for the lengthy explanation. So my answer to you Femgolf1 … experiment with some grip changes to find a setup shape that allows you to just turn through impact without any flip or hand manipulation needed to achieve a square club face.


    Femgolf1 Jan 30, 2021
    Thanks for your usual prompt response. I now have the confidence to continue with what I am doing. Preset impact grip, Shoulders alone backswing with ELBOWS pinching and when the SHOULDERS are done…, ROTATE through to FINISH. It has been working well and making me happy. We golfers always want to experiment with ideas. With Dupplessis method I am done and satisfied. Thanks for being there for us all of the time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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