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    Anthony225 May 13, 2017
    On your swing videos, you have a body tilt to your right side and your right elbow comes down close to your hip and stays bent. This is something I see in all good golfers. How do you achieve this? Does the right elbow come down towards the right hip first as the body turns? Followed by the left elbow towards the front hip?


    Ross May 13, 2017
    My body is slightly tilted, because my back hand is lower than the front on the grip. I am trying to feel like my shoulders are level (not back shoulder dropped). My shoulders are not rocking during the swing. They’re trying to turn around my spine on the backswing, then unwind the opposite of how they wound up. I only feel my shoulders working on the backswing. When they unwind, they are being unwound and dominated by my torso/legs (just like you unwind when you throw a ball). Personally, I don’t feel my shoulders doing any work when I throw a ball forward … they just go along. Now, I might feel my arm or hand try to help when throwing a ball for different effects, but we don’t want the arms/hands doing anything but keeping the face square.

    The arms/elbows/club are all brought down as a package. One elbow, does not move on its own. I also do not feel like my back arm/elbow are straightening out on the downswing. They are just working close together. The back elbow will straighten out much later after impact and is not an active movement.

    One thought that might help you, is to think of the back elbow pointing down (sightly bent) on the backswing… then the opposite happens on the follow through (the front elbow points down). You have to be careful with this thought because it is easy for the face to start opening and closing. This though is for you Anthony. I don’t go into elbow detail like this because it does not have to be discussed. We want to focus on the Shoulders controlling the arms. Large Muscles can do the work.


    Anthony225 May 30, 2017
    Thanks Ross. Another question I have is regarding the Ross Move and using the hips to pull the elbows back down in front. Do the elbows (template) move directly towards the hips at the start of the downswing? Like a pull towards the body (hips) instead of forward down the target line? And the body continues to rotate (unwind) as the elbows sync up with the hips and move together through impact? Kinda hard to explain what I’m asking.


    Ross May 31, 2017
    The elbows don’t move themselves, your body unwinding brings your arms back down and around (to the left – right hander). Maybe you can imagine not having muscles in your arms and the body is going to turn towards the target and needs to bring the arms/club along. The arms/elbows just get moved and go where they need to go and generally follow gravity in a somewhat downward motion. Remember this is a rotary move. Things don’t go along a line. Let the body core move the arms (template).


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    Anthony225 May 31, 2017
    Ok. I was uncertain about how the body pulls the arms down in front passively without leaving the arms behind.

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