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Dear Sir, With pitch shots i focus primarily on the left arm in line with the left arm with firm grip pressure to prevent any change in the wrist shape throughout the swing but i also focus on the right arm being and staying straight through impact and after impact when both arms are STRAIGHT fully extended up to 3″0 clock. I get good results @ ball striking, flight, and distance control with this. But occasionally I CHICKEN WING or DUFF the shots with my pitching. What may be responsible for this accidents?. My principle or routine if you like is “form shape, hold shape back with shoulder turn and body rotation through impact to finish STRAIGHT. “Shape “is impact wrist shape. I focus more on NOT ALLOWING HINGING AND FLOPPING since the left wrist is bowed slightly. When I watched your video on pitching 50yds in i saw you were like HITTING the divot and your wrists kind of hinged a little ,,, please help in these areas.