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DaveF Jan 12, 2016
Hi Ross,
Sorry for the over explanation up front!!
Please edit!

Do we feel like regardless of club length that the shoulders turn LEVEL and we are just sitting down MORE with shorter clubs?
Or can the spine angle be lower as well (tailbone out more)?
Ie “how much more knee bend vs. how much more spine angle” as the clubs get shorter”? Is it a case of whatever works?

When I sit down “more” with a wedge with the same upright posture my hands are almost in front of my knees (it feels awkward and “gorilla like”).
When I bend more at the hips I consequently turn my shoulders more vertically than I would with the longer clubs.
It works, but am I possibly making an erroneous compensation?

In case i’m not explaining myself well (likely), for an illustration reference, attached is the mainstream type approach where the stance and hand to body gap doesn’t change, but the wrist angle DOES with each club. We want our arms to hang and keep the wrists in the same solid position with all clubs, so what changes for us with each club?

Thanks – I would like to schedule a Skype session with you once I absorb your response.