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Ross Apr 28, 2016
If the ball goes left (and you’re right handed), you either used your back hand to help (flipped), or your arms got ahead of the body rotation. Answer: Make sure your rotation DOMINATES and lead the arms/club or… it might be easier to just use more club, or be satisfied with what you can do with the club in your hand.

Usually, it is all an amateur can do, to hit the ball straight, let alone try to add “When a shot calls for a faster swing”… to the equation. If you’ve practiced “increasing” your swing, then go for it, but most have not and don’t have that option in their bag… so, play the shot you know and make up whatever you need on a different shot on the hole… like chip closer… or, making a longer putt. What I’m saying is, play within your ability and you get what you get. Don’t stretch it, unless you’ve put in the time and have the shot.