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megolf70 Apr 28, 2016

Hello Ross,
I have a set of clubs that are all the same length by 1iron golf. They all have the same exact swing weight and feel the same with each loft. The set up is the same for each iron. Since working with your swing my consistency with each loft has improved tremendously.
The yardage gap from 9 iron to 3 iron is progressively consistent up the ladder. Granted I use a 9 iron now where I used to use a PW, but since the clubs are fitted to my height my accuracy is dead on when I remember to use the pre-shot routine you advocate.

I have one question for you. What do you recommend when the shot calls for a faster swing? (meaning when you want increased distance for a certain shot). When I try to increase distance with driver or any club for that matter I seem to pull it left. Do you think I should try to unwind faster?