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Ross Apr 24, 2016
If I understand the question correctly… yes you can (and should), choke up or down to adjust for the shot needed.

First, never grip the club on the “end” of the shaft. There is usually an inch or so just before the end of the grip that “flares” out and you want to be under that flare for control. Now, gripping lower really has no limit depending on the shot needed. Many times around the green (in a precarious lie), I’ve had to choke down so far, I’ve gripped SW below the grip on the shaft, to get the shaft angle and face exactly how I need it, so the ball will respond accordingly.

The key to what you said (knee flex and distance from the ball) is just following the “routine”. Once you’ve gripped the club for your needs… get your arm template set, let it hang… then sit “balanced” and “athletic” down to the ball. This allows you to turn your shoulders freely, still rotate and swing in balance.

An example of what not to do: The ball is way above your feet, so you just lift your arms up as to take a baseball swing. That rarely ever works for many reasons [frown]. If you choke way down on the club, you can stand a lot closer to the ball and it will be much more like a regular swing. Now, you’re not going to get maximum distance, but you will know where the ball is going and be out of trouble. So you “took your medicine*” and you can then make it up on the next shots.

* “Took your medicine” a saying I heard as a kid that meant… okay you got yourself into trouble, now “get out of trouble first”, then move on with playing the hole. The “Hero” type shots are rarely pulled of by amateurs… so “take your medicine”, “get out of trouble”, “forget about what just happened”… then focus on the present… how to capitalize from where ever the ball lies.