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Ross Apr 23, 2016
I honestly have not heard enough from golfer’s that have tried. Again, it will be trade-offs. Gain accuracy lose distance. My method already hits the ball pretty straight once learned, so losing distance (for no gain) does not make sense to me.

Interesting story: One of the biggest problems with Jr. Camps in general is kind of the same concept (same length – too short for the loft) and one of the reasons many kids don’t like golf, or struggle at first. The golf courses/pros think it is okay to take a bunch of unmatched, lost and found golf clubs… cut them down to fit the kids, then teach them for a week. Just try to hit a 3 iron, cut down to a 7 iron length.

Now, I know the “new” same length clubs are not cut down and the shafts probably adjust some and are designed for the lower lofted clubs, but the geometry scares me. I can see golfers over swinging for more distance. Also, I’m thinking the trajectories will be lower, because of the lack of shaft length to help get the ball up, so it can drop out of the sky on the the green.

Oversized Grip:
I would just experiment with an oversize grip on one of your clubs to see if it helps or hurts your game.