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JW66 May 16, 2016
The “get it and lose it ” syndrome has hit me twice (probably more!) One-my shoulders were not level; the right one was way down so no shoulder turn. Then I got lazy on putting my weight to the left and became short and inconsistent. Fixing that was like you waved a magic wand over me. In both instances, a mirror helped. We have a big mirror in the garage and it helps in seeing the swing flaws that may not be obvious while playing. It almost always come back to setup, doesn’t it? I also keep a log of every round and every practice session, which for me is walking a few holes late afternoon, with a few balls. If it’s a bad shot, I get to do it over. Once I write it down, it sticks better. It also helps in seeing the continued progress of learning the Ross way. Tomorrow I’m trying the gap with putting. In the house, it feels pretty good and helps to visualize keeping everything quite except the shoulders. Onward!