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Ross Jul 29, 2014
There is nothing in stone on the “4 idea, it is a “starting point”. One of the main benefits to having the ball “out there” is, the golfer now has a freedom to turn to “go after it” via the rotation vs. the hands having to flip to help the ball into the air. It also kind of removes it from view and helps make the golfer turn and trust that the turn will get the job done without the help of the hands. You want to keep the setup shape (flat left wrist, shaft in line front arm, bent in back wrist) “holding” through impact as you ROTATE! You move the ball with your body turn. If you help with the hands, you will usually add loft, and can send the ball right or left.

(This might get a bit technical, but important information to learn)

Now, you can do different things to achieve different results. You can tee it lower. That will catch the ball in a different spot on the club face. Ideally, you want the sweet spot every time. This is also where golfers realize, hummm … this 10° driver, now hits the ball too high because I use to play the ball in the middle of my stance, and was essentially hitting down on every drive (unless I would flip to save the shot). So, the 10° driver now with this method is 12° (effective loft at impact) since the club face is ascending into the ball and launching it (good thing). This is something you want to be aware of… meaning you don’t want to have to tee the ball, to purposely miss hit it, to offset the fact that the loft is wrong. We want to hit the sweet spot, with the ideal loft at impact, for the results you want. PLEASE, experiment with different lofts, and ball positions, before you run out and buy a new driver.

You can put the ball only 2″ in front and pick it up a bit sooner. You want to play around with this.

You can “close or open” the club face slightly before you take your grip. Then, use your feet to line the club face on your target. This should automatically change your foot alignment to accommodate the face (if you opened the face before you took your grip, your feet will be slightly opened to the target… and the opposite if your closed the face.