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Ross Jun 28, 2014
Yes, the Pros shift their weight forward 5″, because they let themselves slide to the back foot… but, why?… they just don’t know better. When you know better, you do better. Mostly because it is kind of natural to “step into things” to use your weight going forward, to help propel objects… like throwing. This is great when something is in your hand and you want to move it forward…BUT, in golf, the ball is “Fixed” and we do not get the luxury of sliding off the ball at all or we pay the price in accuracy. We all want to slide back and forth, but we can NEVER be consistent with that move.

Inconsistent Moves:

Allowing your weight to the outside of the back foot
Hinging the wrists
Rolling the wrists
Lifting the arms
Bending the elbows (really one of the worst problems and least mentioned)
Allowing the hands to take over at any time!
Allowing the arms to help at any time!
Not setting up athletically, balanced (causes a balancing act during the swing)
Using the shoulders Up & Down vs. around the spine (except in putting/chipping)

… okay, I’ll stop. you get the point. Golf is tough enough and the less you can move, the more accurate you’ll become.

What’s more important – Direction or Distance? I’ll tell you that if the ball is straight, you rarely get into problems and protect your attitude. You make the call.

Move Less … Get Good!