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Richard Jun 27, 2014
Yeah Ross, I just got home from a round and read your responce. I agree and actually kinda figured it out on the course today…no 70’s round, but an 82…last year I was happy to break 90, so thanks for your site and teachings!!!

Anyway, I was watching the tube last night where the talk was all technology teaching, with modern bio-mechanic tools. The talk was how the pros shift the front hip forward 5″, then turn thru the shot…..hmmmmmmm….I feel your system eliminates the need for the “hip bump” by the nature of the set up (weight forward) then turn thru the shot. Had an “AHA!!!” Moment after thinking your video thru, hit it crisp, straight, and in the short grass.

Also used your putting technique for the first time. Had good results and will continue forward with it. Kind of a cool moment, played thru a foresome after they hit on a par 3, I was about 30 feet out, up and down roll with about 3 foot left to right break…drained it thru the side door. Heard 1 of the gents say “what a putt!”. Only big putt made, but ony 1 three putt today. Gotta spend some time on the practise green. You other members, give this a try.