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Ross Feb 12, 2017
Yes. Remember the backswing is wound up from top-down (like a spring being wound from the top as the bottom is held). As you start the downswing, your shoulders/arms are not lined up with the hips, but as the body unwinds (from ground up), the shoulders/arms eventually catch up and will pass the hips (after impact) when the hips can’t turn any more. It is like the shoulders/arms are “closing in” on the hips during the downswing (if that makes sense). This to me is just like throwing a ball… as your body unwinds to move your arm through and you let go of the ball.

No body parts move independently or disconnect… all body parts work in harmony like a rubber band anchored to a table and the top winds first (backswing)…then it wants to unwind (by itself) from ground up due to the potential created.