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peter Apr 11, 2017
sorry for my misquote.

Just back from the range and happy to share the following :

using a lower tee and ball on big toe left foot (righthander) lowered the flight and gave best results in the wind.

thinking about keeping my left wrist flat made somehow my hands too active…. old habbits die hard, so I tried not to think too much about that during the swing.
Also I reduced the loft on my titleist 915D2 10.5 to 9.75. (good tip).

Both actions resulted in a lower ball flight (still straight). Not so sure about extra roll.

Kind of counter intuitive, because bringing the ball closer to my lowpoint (sorry again my own vocabulary), should impart more backspin on the ball… more magnus effect ==> danger of climbing ball.

I will keep playing with those ideas for a while.