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Ross Apr 10, 2017
Hi Peter
My suspicion is that you have a “flip” just before impact that is adding loft to the shot. We want the angle of attack on the upswing/ascending into the ball, but if you have a driver with a lot of loft or a senior/lite flex, you will hit it higher than desired … especially if you add a bit of a “flip”. The photo below shows how your front wrist/shaft should look just before impact. Actually the shaft on this driver is a bit soft and it’s lagging, but you get the idea. Look at a video of your impact using driver and see if you can get a straight line with shaft and front arm. You may have the club head flipped. If you don’t, I’d move it back a bit in the stance or maybe consider less loft on a driver so your “effective loft” will be correct at impact to achieve what you’re after. You must be rotating, maintaining the correct shape through impact and around to the left, and not flipping, to get the “stinger” effect you’re after.

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by RossRoss.