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encil Apr 03, 2017
Ross, being a retired educator and teacher trainer, I feel like I can somewhat detect good teaching and I greatly admire your passion and dedication. I must admit that in my 50 years of playing and studying our great game that I have been influenced more by Homer Kelley than perhaps anyone. Nicklaus is probably next .Kelley taught me the importance of impact and Nicklaus the wisdom that the secret to playing the game is knowing what YOU can do . I love what you teach about the hands . I’m 74 and shot better than my age for the first time when I was 66 . I still play the regular tees but I’m still looking for a better way and I think it involves the role of the hands. the great golf mind Jackie Burke said “Your hands can’t go faster than your body turns.” This thought has lead me in my endless search to your method-I’m trying to see if it works for me. As I said in my earlier post ,your method and S&T contain many Golfing Machine fundamentals .
Be Well – Encil