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DaveF May 28, 2017
Thanks for the guidance Ross. I had 3 birdies in my last round, and just missed on a 4th (I had my last best round many years ago where I had 2). Shot 82, 83, 81 the last 3 rounds and I’m equaling or beating my personal best shots all over the course.
The game is consistently at a new level in all areas. Extremely grateful for that to say the least! Looking forward to more success.
I have a question concerning practice swings for you. Do you feel it’s necessary to brush the turf/ground with each swing, or at all for that matter? I ask because when I do, inevitably I have to stop and clean the clubhead, disrupting the process. This is less a problem now than in the winter, but we still have mud or wet grass.
For a problematic lie, I will certainly take more time and make sure I can make good contact, but for level shots is it ok to get as close as possible to brushing the turf without actual contact? Or should I brush the grass first, clean the club off, and then make a couple full swings above the turf?
Appreciate your time.