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Ross Aug 08, 2017
Thanks for becoming a Member! There has been much discussion on wrist hinging here in the forum and some blog posts too (just search and you’ll find).

In general… if you hinge, you’ll have to unhinge and that usually turns into a flip and a miss hit… and you don’t gain anything by hinging, SINCE we don’t throw the club through impact, we rotate and trap the ball with the entire body. We want a nice solid shaft in line with the front arm, and flat to bowed out front wrist, while making contact with the ball.

Now you can do anything you want… if you can hinge into the right impact position at the top of the backswing, and then hold that back down into impact, GREAT… but most hinge the face wide open, then get the opposite reaction on the downswing, and end up flipping for a non solid, miss hit because they’re trying to square the face on the downswing.