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Ross Oct 19, 2017
If you’re talking about using my method, we don’t use the arms/hands to takeaway the club so it would not go “outside” on the takeaway (the hands/arms do that). There in lies the rub. We use the shoulders to move the arms/club (Large Muscles). If you learn to start and use the shoulders for the backswing, you’ll see and feel a much different result…. THEN, on the downswing, you’ll be able to use the body, unwinding, to move the arms/club to the left (not using the arms to pull the club). The reason you can’t fade is your arms are passing the body’s rotation and then closing the club face. It is much easier to keep the club face open a bit for a cut, when you keep rotating through impact to the finish, while maintaining a slightly open club face. The body slightly leads* the arms/club through impact, as it unwinds.

* This is hard to explain… the arms are not left behind, and are in front of the body, but everything is not exactly lined up. The arms/club are catching up and the body is controlling the arms all the way to the finish.