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Ross Nov 14, 2017
Hi Gary
I’m glad you’ve improved your drives and the main reason is that you moved the ball forward allowing you to rotate freely and pick up the ball as the club is ascending. NOW… I don’t think you’ve spent enough time to learn the DUPLESSISGOLF method which plays the ball much more forward and weight forward to be able to use the body’s rotation and body mass for the source of power (and repeatability). There is no way you can rotate playing the ball in the middle or near the back foot. You should watch in the “Swing” section the “Ball position and the front hip rotation” lesson video to start to get a sense of my method. It is also critical that you setup with at least 60% weight on the front foot and it stays there on the backswing. This will help you make great contact just inside the front foot through impact. Sorry there is no quick fix.