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Ross Nov 12, 2017
Hi Gary
I want to know the names of the clubs (and their lofts), that you’re having problems with and where in your stance you’re playing the ball (for each). There are different reasons for shanking and fat shots, so I suspect there is a combination of things going on.

Gary’s reply came to me in an email:

(From Gary)
Thank you for your reply….My Fairway woods are..Integra Sooolong…The lofts are as follows (9) is 40 degrees…Pitching Wedge is 45 degrees…Lob Wedge 50 degrees.
Playing positions..Ball..(9) middle right….Pitching Wedge 1ball back from above…Lob Wedge..just inside right foot at address..I am a right handed player.Struggling with these lofted clubs…( So much so that I still carry stranded irons in these lofts as cover)

Ps.Today used your driver set up on 18 holes and never miss a fairway all day,and out drove other players by 40 meters.So l have now dialed in your setup nerver to be left at home again.(Where have you been for the last 40 years, Lol.)Thank you for your advice.
Gary Trethewey NZ,