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Ross Mar 26, 2018
My first thought is you need to watch the “Ross Move” so you’re sure you’re getting your arms/club (template) back in front every time. You must be able to sense, at the top of the backswing, unwinding the arms/club back in front. I feel my hips bring my template down and around in one complete movement. You will know because your arms/club and body rotation all end exactly at the same time facing the target. You do not want the body to have finished and then the arms/club arrive late (would block the shot or cut). Your over draw might be a slight flip or the arms are getting ahead of your body rotation. You may be using your arms (not good) to help the downswing. You must let the large muscles unwind the arms/club back down and around to the finish. That should keep the timing perfect. You might be keeping your hands quiet, but your arms are helping. Again watch the “Ross Move”