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Ross Sep 03, 2018
as for your question:

(Thanks for your prompt reply! I am pretty confident following your method as I found this move is repeatable.

The only thing that I am wondering about is whether the finishing posture should be same for any distance shot. I tend to stop my body rotation at around 1 o’clock to the target line usually when I shot for for the short distance within 100 yd. Do you think this should be fixed by rotating my body fully so my chest aiming to the target line?

Please advise the finishing posture related to the shot distance.)

Yes it should be fixed, because when you stop too soon, your arms continue and you pull the shot… or if your arms don’t continue and you block the shot… or, you’re aligned incorrectly to begin with. Sorry it is kind of complicated. Just finish completely. Let your rotation speed dictate the distance… just like tossing underhand.