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Ross Sep 02, 2018
First, watch in the Swing Section “Square Club Face”. Make sure you are setting up with the shaft in line with the front arm and the face is “square” before you take your grip. You may be gripping with the face already open a bit. Make sure you’re not “fanning” or “rolling” your face open on the backswing (keep it square and use only the shoulders to move the arms/club/hands on the backswing). Also, make sure on the downswing, the body unwinding, brings the arms/club back in front of the body, and around to the left, keeping the face exactly how it was at setup. You’ll feel like you’re “dragging” the handle/grip of the club around to the left (for a right handed golfer). Sometimes, gofers unwind on the downswing and leave the arms/club behind and this “opens” the face… keep the face square, with the shaft still in line with the front arm and a flat/bowed front wrist, as you rotate through impact and continue to the left.