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Ross Jul 16, 2019
Hey Dan
Doing Great. Great to hear from you. I don’t have any exact pointers for the shot you’re describing, but in general that kind of shot is about using your imagination. You want to imagine the entire trip the ball will take. Imagine the ball in the air, landing on the spot that will allow it to roll and finish at or in the hole. This line you’re imagining, must allow for the break once the ball starts rolling. One way to practice the shot, is to actually throw a golf ball underhanded to your spot, at the speed needed for the ball to land and continue rolling and stop at the hole. By throwing and practicing like this, you’ll develop an imaginary “feel” for the speed and trajectory to get the job done. Then next time you’re actually playing and you have a pitch/chip shot, think back to your underhand practice and I’ll bet your result will be improved. Keep in touch.