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Ross Jul 20, 2019
Hi Anthony
First, the back elbow never straightens out completely, until after you’ve made contact with the ball. In other words, at impact, the front arm is straight, with the elbow pointing back at the front hip, and the back arm is still slightly bent. Your conclusion from the first part of the video is the most correct. There are many different parts moving at different rates and most of the movements are rotary.

I would like to mention something that you may be thinking happens, but does not… I say at impact, the arms/club have returned back in front of the hips, but the hips are not exactly how they were at setup, they’re in the process of turning all the way to the finish. They don’t stop and wait for the arms to get back in front. So, (roughly) when the arms are back in front on the downswing, the back elbow is closer to the back hip, but the front elbow is a little farther away from the font hip, because the hips are turning and opening up to the target. This is hard to explain. I hope it helps.