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Anthony225 Jul 20, 2019
From my review of the Ross Move Drill I have two observations. In the beginning of the video it appears that the hips turn and pull the right elbow straight down in front of the body. I would think that this would “feel” like the right elbow is pulled toward the belt buckle (but can never really get there due to physical limitations of the human body). This actually leads to the right elbow coming down in front of the hip. Having the elbows squeezed together when this happens will also getgthe left elbow in front of the left hip.

During the practice drill it seems that the right arm is straight so it’s harder for me to determine if the drill tells me to do the same thing as the demonstration in the first part of the video.

My thoughts are that my conclusion from the first part of the video as described in my first paragraph is correct and I should do this and feel the club is being dragged around to the left by the hips.

Is my thinking correct here?