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Ross Jun 14, 2020
I do hold the angle created by the shaft being inline with the front arm and back wrist hinged in slightly, BUT you do not want to have an angle created by forcing your arms to be straight down under your shoulders. This is a tough concept. I know I have a lesson video on arms under shoulders and once you’ve setup with the shaft inline with the front arm, and let the arms/club now “hang”, the hands/arms will drop on top of the pec muscles. With shorter clubs (SW, W, PW etc.) they’ll be more under the shoulders, but with longer clubs not so much. The main reason for the Lesson Video is to tell students to NOT lift their arms up or out. It is also important that you do not try to create an extreme angle with the writs bent down in at the back of the thumbs, because, the club shaft during the swing will straighten that angle out, and you can’t maintain that angle. Sorry for the confusion. Best bet is to just start with the club shaft inline with the front arm, let the arms/club hang, the sit down to the ball.