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Ross Jun 13, 2020
The Front arm will be straight (as possible) at setup, all the way to the top of the backswing (sometimes a little bend okay at top as long as it straightens back up on the downswing, and through impact (with front elbow pointing back at front hip), then it bends just after impact with the front elbow pointing down.

I think it is important at setup, for the grip pressure to be equal. My hands/wrists feel like an “bubble” to me holding the grip with equal pressure. That feeling is carried via the shoulder turn to the top of the backswing, still equal and then back down through to the finish where the grip finally relaxes. I actually feel the grip/arms/shoulders are a “triangle” or “template” that is one unit, moved by the shoulders (backswing)… then the body’s rotation on the downswing.