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Ross Jul 24, 2020

No, I do mean the “back” knee in the post you’re referring to. Yes, you are correct that at least 60% of your weight should be setup and stay on the front foot during the backswing*, but to help maintain and keep 60% on the front foot, the “back” knee is braced slightly inward to help “hold” you in that position as the shoulders wind up. You should also feel a lot of pressure on the “instep” of the “back” foot. This keeps the lower body anchored to create torque as the shoulders wind up. A common critical error is to slide or drift towards the back foot and allow your weight to move on top of the back foot or even to the outside of the back foot during the backswing… NOT GOOD. You will be stuck with the majority of weight on the back foot and it will prevent you from being able to unwind athletically and you will have to flip to save the shot. It can also cause the ball to go left or hook (for a right hander)

* The weight on the front foot will actually increase on the downswing as you rotate to face the target.