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DaveF Aug 08, 2020

Hi Ross. Hope you’re doing great. Haven’t posted in a long time because I’ve been working hard on the swing. Still a struggle but significant progress. Glad to see this discussion thread because that’s why I am here. I can’t seem to land on a consistent Left wrist position as it relates to whether the thumb is flat and in line with the wrist or slightly angled as in cocking it upward like giving a “thumbs up” ?? Looking at the videos you have a slight cocking of the left, vs the Moe Norman type straight line bent down and in line with the arm and wrist position.Hopefully I’m explaining this well enough but I’m sure you know what I’m attempting to say. I’m fighting the old instinct of wanting to cock the Wrist upward whenever I attempt to keep the left arm from breaking too much in the backswing which people are pointing out that I am in fact doing. I am leaning toward Working the “Moe” position because centrifugal force wants to straighten the arm And hands at impact. On the other hand, really hard for me to execute it consistently. Also, when I bend the wrists a bit upward It feels stronger (per your drill) but it also results in me activating the hands and also the arms a bit at impact.

So I guess my question is (sorry for the usual verbosity), is it terrible for the wrists to cock up/down a bit as long as they stay cupped through impact?