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Ross Jul 28, 2017
Yes! Exactly! .. and as the front wrist stays flat or even a bit bowed out. Both are working to hold the shape. This shape helps keep the shaft in line with the front arm for a very solid shot.

On the downswing, key to maintaining this shape through impact, is to use the body turning or unwinding to drag that shape through impact and around to the left (right hander).

One other important reminder … the shoulders must start the backswing. The shoulders move that shape and the arms/club on the takeaway. Many golfers think they’re using their shoulders, but in reality they’re grabbing the club with the hands (changing the shape) and then the shoulders give up and let the hands take over (NOT GOOD). Practice starting the club back with the shoulders. The club should be off the ground to start… then push with the shoulders. Takes practice but produces very powerful, repeatable shots.