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Matt Feb 16, 2021

Thank you for your timely response. The shoulder down/up method incorporated in your putting/wedges is a very simplistic cue for me and I have found it very applicable. Is there any reason why this cannot be used in the full swing dynamics. I know your method employs the left shoulder down when taking the club back, but how about the left shoulder up when using the hips/body to rotate, or will this keep you from rotating around to the left?…..Or are we getting too technical here??

I have paid particular attention to your set up as it seems to be somewhat different than orthodox/conventional teaching methods. To me, I am just now understanding how the shaft inline with the front arm is REALLY supposed to be. It is more than just a slight forward press. When keeping your head stationary/back, the feel for ME is that the club is in front of my lead foot. You seem to almost bow your left wrist toward the target and pressed further away from your head…Almost like you are trying to extend your hands away from the rest of your body. Also notice that your trail foot is almost leaning toward the target to keep you stable and from sliding. Do you feel that the hips lead the arms and hands in the downswing or that the body/hands and arms kind of go together as you make downswing transition?

Thanks in advance,