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Ross Feb 16, 2021
#1 – I choke down on many clubs for different reasons. The main reason is for control and altering the shaft length for different distances and results. Other reasons may be to keep the ball low… as in taking extra club, then choking down to keep it low out of the wind or to roll once it hits the green. Another reason is in a bunker to offset the amount I adjusted my feet down, as I secured my stance.

#2 – Not really using my methods. When you move the ball back, you descend down on the ball creating spin and not as solid of a shot. Spin is unpredictable. There are better ways. I prefer meeting the ball just slightly before the bottom of the swing arc and use gravity to control how the ball descends and then responds. It is more like tossing a ball and choosing the angle you want it to hit the green to respond the way you want.

#3 – The down/up method for chipping will work well, but chipping is limited and not as reliable as pitching (my preferred shot around the green).